Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Berlin Wall - the Rules

The wall between beast and beast at the bungalow has changed, and so have the rules.   My sister and her husband have - or had - three rescue animals - 1 dog (Ollie) and 2 cats (Daisy and Scooter).  None of them gets on with each other, and so the house is divided by a Berlin wall between living rooms and bedrooms.  Cats one side, dog on the other.  The door must be closed during the day, but open at night, when Ollie and his basket are locked away in the lounge.

And, as Scooter and Daisy don't get along either, they have another dividing door, and so we share our bed and bath with Scooter when we are staying.  Our door must remain shut and she clatters in and out into her own bit of the garden through her catflap at various times during the night - usually just as we are dropping off to sleep.

However - the rules have changed!

Since our last visit, Daisy, sadly, has died (old age).  And Ollie the dog became very ill and was allowed to spend the night in the bedroom, in his basket, with my sister and her husband.

He has since refused to sleep anywhere else. AND he sleeps on the bed now.

As he and Scooter still don't get along, this requires a whole new set of rules about which doors must be open/closed and when...

We got up there on Monday - a very easy drive traffic-wise, with a couple of stops for sandwiches and our flask tea - and Col rushed us off to Lathkil to see the dippers yesterday morning - no dippers, but they have been seen - and we shopped in the afternoon - with a nice pub lunch in the middle - steak and kidney pudding for the Captain and a veggie chile for Mrs.Captain.

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