Saturday, 20 December 2014

Walking the Roman Road

We rode out from Sue's this morning, Jean and I. She came with me while I did my last three route calls, then we got to our territory to do a list of Not at Homes. We did find a couple of people in, and they both talked to us.

A beautiful sunny day - with the sun right in our eyes. It was hard to make out the names of the houses and we walked up and down several of the wrong drives.

I drove her home and we decided we would go out tomorrow after the meeting if the weather is OK.

Jackie was round last night for supper - turkey, ham and sage pie from Abel & Cole, with croquette potatoes, pumpkin and cauliflower cheese.  Mousse and chocolates to follow. We missed her, and its great to have her back.

I am still reading the Tomalin Hardy biography.  It wakes me up to what poverty was in the 19th Century.   And also the harsh ethos of the time.

Here is a lovely poem Thomas Hardy wrote about his mother:

The Roman Road
by Thomas Hardy

The Roman Road runs straight and bare 
As the pale parting-line in hair 
Across the heath. And thoughtful men 
Contrast its days of Now and Then, 
And delve, and measure, and compare; 

Visioning on the vacant air 
Helmeted legionnaires, who proudly rear 
The Eagle, as they pace again 
The Roman Road. 

But no tall brass-helmeted legionnaire 
Haunts it for me. Uprises there 
A mother's form upon my ken, 
Guiding my infant steps, as when 
We walked that ancient thoroughfare, 
The Roman Road. 

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