Friday, 12 December 2014

On the Platform with my Sister

Is this another landmark?  I don't know that I have done a demo before, but nervous though I was of making a mess of it, and worrying about looking foolish as I struggled to get off my chair, I was very touched to be asked.  

Although Tammy had the harder part. All I basically had to do was to say "Yes" at regular intervals, and to briefly summarise the information below.     Our demo was based on an experience Tammy had just had on the doors.  

She had decided to go straight to the ransom, as this is the time of year, when, in theory, people should be thinking about Jesus. Although I must also note that we do not know the date of Jesus birth - except that it was clearly not in midwinter.  Nor are we asked to celebrate it.  It is his death that Jesus asked us to memorialise. 

This was the material we used, from chapter 5 of the "What Does the Bible Really Teach?" book:

"Chapter Five: The Ransom—God’s Greatest Gift

What is the ransom?
How was it provided?
What can it mean for you?
How can you show that you appreciate it?

WHAT is the greatest gift you have ever received? A gift does not have to be expensive to be important. After all, the true value of a gift is not necessarily measured in terms of money. Rather, when a gift brings you happiness or fills a real need in your life, it has great value to you personally.

2 Of the many gifts you could ever hope to receive, there is one that stands out above all others. It is a gift from God to mankind. Jehovah has given us many things, but his greatest gift to us is the ransom sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ. (Matthew 20:28) As we will see in this chapter, the ransom is the most valuable gift you could possibly receive, for it can bring you untold happiness and can fill your most important needs. The ransom is really the greatest expression of Jehovah’s love for you.


3 Put simply, the ransom is Jehovah’s means to deliver, or save, humankind from sin and death. (Ephesians 1:7) To grasp the meaning of this Bible teaching, we need to think back to what happened in the garden of Eden. Only if we understand what Adam lost when he sinned can we appreciate why the ransom is such a valuable gift to us."

The book, which shows how the Bible answers those questions, is being offered to you on your doorsteps, without charge.

That was last night. And this morning, the promised storm has arrived.  I heard it arriving in the early hours, and the Channel is now roaring away outside the window like a million freight trains.  No snow down here though. At least, not yet.

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