Friday, 26 December 2014

A Generation is Coming

Dipper, Cinclus cinclus
I feel a bit translucent today, as if I hardly exist.  Is it the feeling of time, and fading away?  We spent yesterday with the grandchildren and their families.  The eldest grandaughter is thinking about applying to Newcastle University when the time comes.

That is where Captain Butterfly and I met and did our courting, all those years ago. And yet its only a few decades ago.

Anyway - we managed to get the turkey dinner and all the trimmings to the table on time and still hot. Excellent. And it was followed by a wonderful dessert trolley.  Nute had made a fresh fruit salad and Helen provided ginger cake with ginger cream filling, trifle, and a chocolate log. She is a brilliant baker.

I was on Eleanor duty for a lot of the morning. We hunted all over the house for Scooter, who, wisely, did not let herself be found till people were leaving. Eleanor kept wanting me to carry her, which made me realise just how old and arthritic I have got.   The little girls all got on well and seemed to enjoy themselves, although the baby had a meltdown which mean the poor parents had to eat their lunch as a relay team.

The Captain and I are going off dipper-hunting. I hope to add a photo or two to the blog later.

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