Monday, 22 December 2014

The Tender Beauty of the Sunset

Saturday's sunset...   Jean and I were talking about it in the car on Sunday.  She said she was caught by the beauty of it as she came out of Waitrose.  We both said a heartfelt thanks to Jehovah.

What an extra lovely talk we had at the Hall yesterday.  It was given by a young brother. It was all about paying attention to Jehovah, to his inspired word, and surviving Armageddon - and coming through to the Paradise earth.

He started with an illustration, about a wonderful Japanese mayor who, having seen what a tsunami could do was determined to protect the people of his little fishing village. And in the face of great difficulty, protest, and scorn, he had a 51 foot seawall erected.   This was back in 1967.  The mayor died in 1997.  The tsunami did not come till 2011, but when it did, that wall saved the village.

Obviously we made the comparison with Noah, his obedience in building the Ark, and the warning preaching work he did.

It all underlined the importance of listening to Jehovah, and acting on what we hear.

Jean came with me afterwards to do four return visits I needed to get done.  Two were still not at home, will have to try again next year!   But two were in.  One was up a ladder, putting up his decorations(?) or something.    

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