Monday, 15 December 2014

Midsomer Redux

We watched an old Midsomer Murders tonight - and were surprised when Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby was amazed when someone hammered on his door at midnight to tell him that there had been another murder.

He must have been dreaming, and forgot where he was.  In Midsomer you are amazed when someone hammers on your door at midnight to tell you there HASN'T been another murder.

A housebound day for me today.  The Captain flew off in the afternoon leaving me toiling at the Butterfly Coalface. Anyway, the memberships are done and dusted and the packages are ready for the Post Office.  They came in an annoying new format this month - much more difficult to process. And my shoulder is hurting, so I got a bit grumpy about it all.

And I got my studying done. Which made me feel better.  We are in Jericho at the moment - the walls have come down  - and Rahab and her family have been saved.  They listened, obeyed, and were blessed.

And Jackie is back!   Hurray.  She will come for supper - and champagne? - on Friday night, and we can hear all about her Viennese adventures.

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