Friday, 5 December 2014

Another Poem

Wondering about the coming winter storms, I remembered a poem/verse I wrote ages ago.   I have no idea why I wrote it - certainly was not living by the sea then.   Obviously, I hope they won't be as bad as this.

by me 

The sea had long wanted to go into town

So, early one morning, it roared in

Found the arcades still closed

And battered them down

The sea can come right into the village of Bosham sometimes.  When you visit, you have to be careful where you park your car, and you will notice that the front doors have very high - what would you call them - threshholds?  - seaholds?

Here is a video of an exceptionally high tide there:

It is believed that King Canute's little daughter is buried in the church at Bosham. Which makes me realise, once again, that the past is not as far away as we think it is. Its just that our lives are so short now.

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