Monday, 8 December 2014

A Hoard of Treasure Seekers

Or Detectorists, as I must more correctly call them.  But what would be the collective noun?  A ringing, or pinging, of Detectorists?  Anyway, whatever it is we were with them Saturday night for the end of year dinner.   It was a much nicer venue than the last time I was able to go.   Much more comfortable. It was a 3 course do.  My starter was a goats cheese tartlet with salad, that was very filling - not used to starters any more.  Then I ordered a veggie tagine.  It came in a banquet sized tagine, which I nibbled desperately away at, but didn't seem able to make much impression on. And dessert was an excellent panacotta, of which I only risked half (cream/arthritis, not a good combination).  Captain B helped me out with tagine and dessert.

And I made one glass of white wine last the whole evening, and didn't manage to finish it.  My banqueting days are clearly over.

It was a good evening though. We were with a nice crowd at our end of the table, and we won a bottle of champagne in the raffle.  We bought a bottle with us - Port - for raffle prize, and won another bottle.  So that seems fair enough.   We will probably welcome back Jackie from her travels with it.   I hope that doesn't count as gambling!

And after the meeting yesterday, which was wonderful, we were discussing the various covenants in the Inspired Scriptures, which provide the legal basis of all Jehovah's promises, Jean and I went off to try to find Margaret again. She wasn't home, but we left her the magazines as promised, with a little note on one of Col's butterfly cards.

Lilian of Arabia (now of Kent) rang later and we had a long talk.  We hope to meet up next year.

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