Friday, 2 January 2015

The Egg Box

We went to two lovely exhibitions in Sheffield - one at the Graves, and one at the Millennium Gallery.    I was thrilled to find a painting of my aged father's eggbox building by Jonathan Wilkinson.  And I loved seeing some of the old favourites along with the new at the Stanley Royle.

I have bought a couple of postcards of "Morning on the Derbyshire Moors" - remembered from childhood visits - to send to Lilian and Aunt Jo.  I hope to post them today when we shop.

I have only now found out it is a portrait of the artists wife  She looks so lovely, so young, slim and beautiful in her blue dress and bonnet, against a background of desolate and beautiful moorland.

Mind you, if Captain B ever decides to paint me, I will look young, slim and beautiful too.. or else.

We are planning to take Nute and Ken to lunch at Brocco-on-the-Park today, and go over the Snake to Bea tomorrow.

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