Friday, 29 August 2014

The Murmuration

murmuration of Starlings, Sturnus vulgaris
The skipping waves are rolling in today, looking very lively, sparkly white on turquoise. We shopped and I am preparing the curries for tomorrow.   The little starling family we first met on the pier about 12 years ago has now grown into a murmuration and murmured across our Green this morning, Captain Butterfly and camera in hot pursuit.

I love to see them doing so well.

I got a pretty card from Krysia, one of her paintings and some of her poems. She can write too!

Lovely meeting last night, of course, and I hope I will be back on the work tomorrow morning.  Mick said he will ring me and he and Micah will come round. They would love to see the Captain too, but I don't suppose he will want to be there.  Its hard not to give up hope sometimes, but I must remember the Inspired definition of love. It does not give up - it "hopes all things".   It is sometimes difficult to keep going, but looking out on the sparkling sea, one of Jehovah's grand creations, is a great help.

I gave Sylvia her copy of the talk, so she can be learning it, but I forgot the brochures for Maggie!  They are now inside my Watchtower magazine, as I don't think even I will manage to forget that on Sunday.

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