Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Wild Waves

The tail end of Hurricane Whoever- Bertha, apparently - that has come over from the States began to hit us this morning, causing a wild sea, and a numinous light.   It was a lovely drive back from the Hall.   I followed Captain Butterfly who came to give me a lift to my car as it was raining so hard!

I am finding it very hard for us both to be getting so old and heading into the death zone.   How wrong it all is - that our lives are so short now.  We have this immense brain - with more capacity for learning and storage than any machine we have invented.  It was made to last forever, to go on learning forever.

And that is what I thought many years ago - how short a time we have to spend with the people we love.   Thank goodness a rescue is close at hand.  The rescue we pray for when we say the Lord's Prayer.

Linda has rung up to suggest a curry evening, with her cooking a biriani.

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