Monday, 1 September 2014

In which we meet a pit bull, and a rescue is required.

The Team of Steve and Sue galloped to the rescue Saturday morning.  We were out witnessing, when an elderly lady - well, ahem, a lady of my age - hobbled past with a lively and friendly young puppy, of the pit bull type, on a lead.   We all said hello went past, puppy lunging joyfully at us all, then we heard a cry for help.

We looked back. The pup had pulled the lady over.   Steve righted her, one of the sisters grabbed the dog, and Steve and I walked the lady back home.  Me walking the lady, Steve walking the dog.  She confided in us that the pup was her daughter's. The daughter would not get up in the morning so she had to take the puppy out. At six months, it was already too strong for her.

I only wish I could offer to walk it for her, but I am in the same position as the poor lady - we have both had our knees replaced and are convalescing. She will have to chivvy her daughter, whose dog it is, out of bed in the mornings.

And talking of parents and children, there has been a story in the press over the last week about a Jehovah's Witness couple who took their very sick child from a British hospital and took him to Spain - his mother's country - for further medical treatment that he was not being offered here.   They have been hunted across Europe by the police and have now been arrested and taken away in handcuffs ...  so have been separated from their very sick and very young son at the time when he needs them the most.

We really do live in the world that George Orwell saw coming in 1984.

They are Jehovah's Witnesses - therefore members of my own worldwide family.  This clearly has nothing to do with our beliefs or their not wanting treatment for their child.  They want treatment for him - proto beam therapy - which, it is alleged, was not being offered in the UK. And they took him abroad so he can have it. Wouldn't any parent do the same?   They had taken him straight to a hospital, where his condition is said to be stable.  Its heartbreaking.  But a reminder of how much we need the loving rulership of the incoming Kingdom of God.   It will reunite parent and child, not separate them.

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