Friday, 8 August 2014

The Barbara Woodhouse of the Computer World

Linda bought her computer round to Dr.Butterfly to have it fixed.  He turned it on, looked at it sternly, and it began to work.   Very sensible of it really.   She stopped for some lunch (a ham sandwich - she decided not to risk the beetroot soup - looks very red, tastes very bland).  And we watched her current TV passion "The Speakmans" .   They are a pair of Yorkshire therapists who cure people on TV.  It usually takes about 5 minutes of blunt no-nonsense Yorkshire chat, and the patient is cured. Rather like the computer - but, sadly, Captain B doesn't make millions out of that.

I have scrubbed out the kitchen, made us all lunch, done a little internet witnessing, watched TV with Linda and am now hoping to do my studying for the day.

Jackie is round tonight, which should cheer us both up.  The chicken (with mushrooms and ginger) is made. Its just a question of doing the rice, and stir frying the veggies.   Mr.Waitrose has supplied the cheese and the dessert.

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