Monday, 11 August 2014

Big Bertha

Odd and very beautiful sky early morning - I hope the Captain has managed to capture it on his camera. And the most wonderful glowing light.   Now it is suddenly overcast and the sea is getting up - though nothing like it was yesterday.  I don't know whether Bertha has passed or if this is still her,

Now, quarter to seven, the Channel is turning a lovely shade of bluey-turquoise, and there are white horses to the front.    The balcony mint is starting to blow in the wind. The Captain moved all the plants to the back and brought the balcony furniture in.

In the light of the horrors in the News I do want to say a bit more about the entity that Revelation calls Babylon the Great.  I might devote a blogpost to it.     But I also have to think about removing myself from Facebook.  I have just had to "unfriend" two people - which I hate to do - but I don't want to open up my fb in the morning and see such cruel and obscene posts.   One post this morning made me wonder what is in peoples hearts that they would want to so cruelly embarrass someone, and someone who is so young too.

We had a monsoon during my morning shop - courtesy of Bertha, I assume.  I had to take refuge in a shop until the blue sky came back. Odd weather, but no complaints.  We really need the rain.   It suddenly feels very Autumnal.  As do the two of us.

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