Friday, 1 August 2014

Lacking a Dr.Watson

Painted Lady, Vanessa cardui
A busy day yesterday - well busy for me at any rate.  Linda rang up early - she had an unexpected day off, could she join the Captain in his butterfly survey.   Yes, indeed another pair of eyes - younger eyes - always welcome.   I used to be a good spotter - but now, even if I could get out, the eyes aren't what they used to be ("What oak tree?"  "What meadow?" "What planet earth?")

Apparently she did well, including spotting a pair of courting bumble bees - court in the act... and  a pristine Painted Lady.

So I made them up a couple of packed lunches and went off to do my last few magazine route calls.  I have never been so late with them.  I caught Dave at home - he was packing and leaves for Wales tomorrow.

I got another warm welcome at my next door- and remembered to draw his attention to: our website, packed to the gills with Bible information and some wonderful little videos. As I headed off for the next call I saw David and Carol coming towards me - it turned out that they had just called on the Mystery House, where I have been posting the magazines to for over a year.

If only I had a Dr.Watson type side-kick he could now put it all into a short story:  The Case of the Mysterious Route Call.   But I haven't.  And that is a relief as I have a haunting worry that the answer to the mystery may be that I have been posting the magazines to the wrong door for nearly a year...  Anyway, I got a warm welcome, although my bro and sis had only just left, and I hope to pick it up maybe next week.

My last call had all the curtains drawn so I just popped the magazines through the letterbox.  I then shopped (at Waitrose), picked up my prescription, and also a library book.  Its a strange and compelling memoir and I might review it later.

Then back home, collapse, collapse, made tea for the weary Butterfly Counters on their return - veggie soup, peach crumble and ice-cream - then on to the meeting, giving Captain Butterfly a lift en route.  Got myself into a horrible and embarrassing tangle when I tried to overtake a bus that I thought had stopped at a bus stop, but it was temporary traffic lights, and I nearly caused a gridlock.

Why am I such an idiot?   And oh for that wonderfully perfect brain that I hope Jehovah will give me when the earth is being restored to Paradise.   I am sure we will not have cars then though. Why would we?

Its nice to have Linda - a fellow inhabit of Planet Expat - living close by.

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