Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The God of all Comfort

Jehovah is the God of all comfort and I had such a consoling call from the congregation elders today. And we have had calls and emails from family and friends.  And Linda came for lunch. So it has been a good day.

We had torrential rain.   The evening sky is full of clouds, and the sea is a pale clear blue.  The Captain spent a lot of the day at Arundel, but came back to have lunch with Linda and me.  It was leek and potato soup, with Linda providing an olive focaccia, and mousse from Waitrose for afters.

Now I am trying to think what I have done today. Shopped in the morning, made lunch, chatted with Linda and did my studying. We are both sitting at our computers this evening.

We are reading up on the options for the cancer treatment, and none of them seem any fun.

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