Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The new Dentist and the first Guardian reader.

Saw the New Dentist yesterday afternoon.  My teeth are OK. And they had the first proper clean since we left Rita, our American hygienist, behind on Planet Expat quite a few years ago.   Ouch ouch ouch. But they do feel lovely and clean now.  Very nice guy, lovely surgery.

I delivered one set of magazines on the way back. I meant to do more, but realised I had come out without my Bible!    I am feeling a bit distrait at the moment.

Had a lovely chat with Krysia, old school friend, the other day.  Well, not that we knew each other in school exactly, but we had  long talk about our Convent school experiences.  Neither of us is starry eyed about nuns, but I have recommended that she reads Karen Armstrong's "Through the Narrow Gate", which explains a lot.

Lovely comment in The Guardian today - under an article about Bleak House:

Bleak House is worth it just for Mrs Jellyby, the original Guardian reader.

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