Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Team of Jean and Sue ride out

Clouded Yellow, Colias croceus
The Captain took me to Brookfield Park yesterday, a lovely area with lots of little wildflower meadows, and a lake with reed beds.   And we saw a Clouded Yellow!  Impossible to pick a favourite butterfly, but, if I was forced to, at gunpoint, the Clouded is probably the one. Exquisite design.

My longest walk - well, I say "walk" - so far.  And I got a good dose of sunlight for my poor old bones too.

Made soup again - and managed a quiche and salad for our lunch.

I went to the Kingdom Hall this morning - we are delivering the new leaflet about our website along with invitations to the coming Convention, which has the theme:  "Keep Seeking First God's Kingdom".  Jean asked if we could work together and I was only too happy to do so.  David gave us a small territory, though to get there I had to drive across the Big Boy roundabout and the train crossing.   I prayed to Jehovah and it all went very smoothly. We found most people at home!  And all but one gladly accepted the invites and info.   I then drove Jean on 3 of her return visits, and we both ended up having a coffee at Waitrose.  A lovely morning, and we go to Jacks for supper tonight, so hopefully a lovely day.

Jean was beautifully turned out, as usual, everything colour co-ordinated. She is as slim as a reed which helps of course.

There are some spots of rain at the moment - which we badly need.

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