Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Mighty Engine

It is good to feel I am getting back to being a cog - albeit a zimmery sort of cog - in the mighty engine of the Christian preaching work.   As we left Sue's -  it was the team of Sue and Sue today -  I saw loads of my siblings in the street, already starting to work.  They would be from one of the other groups. We meet in various private homes on Saturday mornings, each group with its own map.

We - Sue times 2 - went to a lovely and I assume expensive estate, trying to give everyone the details of our website: 

This is being distributed worldwide, so I hope you will all get one.

"Don't stay out too long" said Captain Butterfly, plaintively and uncharacteristically. "How are you going to wait on me hand and foot if you go and cripple yourself again."

Hmmm...  anyway, I promised I wouldn't do more than an hour. He is right too - I was in a lot of pain after the last time when I did too much.   But, when I got back, to start my hand and footery, I found he had gone out to do his butterfly transect!  For the first time in a week.  He must be feeling much much better.

Hurray.  And  I didn't mind the waiting hand and foot.  He has been looking after me for months.  So it was his turn for a bit of TLC.   Lovely to have him back though, soaring on his butterfly wings.  I've packed him up a lunch for tomorrow.

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