Monday, 30 June 2014

The Fairest Flower in the Meadow

And I'm there too - standing in front of it.  The Captain took me to the meadow at Fairmile Bottom yesterday evening to see the Marbled Whites. They were roosting and once I got my eye in, I could  see them everywhere among the flowers and grasses.  Some of the flowers were closing up for the night - and there were intermittent perfect little dandelion clocks.
Marbled White, Melanargia galathea on thistle
Shouldn't they alone tell us that we are not seeing a blind watchmaker at work - but seeing The Master Watchmaker.  Each clock is more exquisite than a Tiffany jewel, and more perfectly engineered than... not being an engineer, I can only come up with the Blackadderish wonderfully engineered thing.

Jehovah's creation speaks to us as clearly and directly as his Inspired word does.

We had a wonderful talk yesterday from a local brother.    The question being: Should we put our faith in science, or in our Creator?  

My ankles are now hurting from my Fairmile walk - along with my knees, but they always hurt - so I have decided to post my last two magazines, and I am also sending a card to the lady who now has a brain tumour, just to say how sorry I am and that I hope her medical treatment will go really well.  I have put nothing religious in it, given the notice that is now on her door, and can't call again. Though it feels like abandoning someone on The Titanic. She so much needs to know where the lifeboat is

And now I had better abandon my metaphor before I overload it and sink my blog.

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