Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Daisies and Lilies

It was overcast on Monday, but everything looked so lovely.  The Captain took us for lunch in Arundel (rice and veggies for me, beef lasagne for him).  Arundel is full of the lush green of summer - tall old trees everywhere.   And the various kinds of ducklet seem a bit less vulnerable now, though as heartbreakingly fluffy as ever.  The water lilies are out, the daisies are everywhere, and the air was full of the perfume of summer blossom.
I started my week's studying over a mug of foaming coffee, while Col plus camera searched the car park for creepy crawlies - and took some pretty flower shots for me.
Oxeye Daisies, Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
He kindly stopped off at a difficult access magazine route call on the way home.  I noticed that my call has finally sold his house and I need to talk to him before he disappears to see if he wants me to continue with the magazines - or, if he is moving out of the area, if he wants me to contact his new congregation and get someone to call on him.  Sadly he was out.   I may have to write to him if I can't catch him at home.

We went to the Monday night talk at the Wetland Centre.  It was about the Northern American rain forest, and the life within it and in its coastal waters.  Remote and beautiful. We saw a spirit bear - the very rare white Black Bear - not albino, but white, caused by two recessive genes.  When those two genes meet, then two black bears can produce a white Black bear.   And the Speaker finished the first half with an amazing shot of a Black bear and Killer whale staring at each other - fascinated.  Fortunately for the bear it was looking down from a cliff.  The whales will take a Black bear if they catch it in the water.

Probably they would even tackle a Grizzly.

The ladies provided us with tea/coffee and a slice of jam and cream sponge for 50p. And we won a bottle of wine in the auction.  So a happy evening.   Just the sort of evening we like and have not been able to enjoy together for ages.   Everyone there, including the staff, were there because we all love the creation, are fascinated by it, and want to care for it, as we should.

The only thing is that had that been a gathering of JWs, then there would have been a Thank you said to Jehovah for the beauty and the glory of it all. So I am saying it now, in my blog.

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