Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Debut of the Blue Jacket

The blue summer top Bea bought me made its debut tonight at Dan and Libby's Anniversary Party.  It was a perfect summer evening and we sat out in the garden till after dark. There were loads of people, loads of food, and a great band.

Another landmark on Friday morning in that, after a lot of agonising, I drove myself to Waitrose and did a small shop. First time I have shopped on my own for I don't know how long.  We needed some more fruit and some more salad stuff. I also got some chicken to put in marinade for Sunday, and the next couple of days.   Hot chicken with rice, cold chicken with salad.

Paul dropped by for tea and to give us the Purple Emperor pins and then Jackie came over for lunch - broccoli soup - a new one and not bad, though I says it myself as shouldn't. Followed by bananas and Kelly's cornish ice-cream.

I have emailed the broccoli recipe to Bea, my Soup Dragon Sister, and it sounds like she is working on some recipes to send me.

I got a lovely email from Dave, one of my magazine route calls.

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