Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Bookstand

We had a training session at the Kingdom Hall on Friday night in the use of the new bookstand. I put my name down ages ago, hoping that by the time it was up and running (or up and standing) I would be able to stand with it.  The rotas will be up soon, and I am hoping my name won't appear till next month. Its going to be a one and a half hour session and I can't yet stand for anything like the length of time.

I feel I ought to be able to, but the new knees and operation sites are still painful, especially when standing.

Anyway, while I'm sure we will be keeping the door to door work going as long as there are doors standing, as door to door is what the first Christians, working under Jesus' direct instruction, did, we also need to witness wherever else we can, as they did. The urgency of the message increases every day.

Bea rang to say she had made it safely back 'oop North.  Hopefully we will see her in September, and will be exchanging some soup recipes in the meantime.   And we had the latest pictures from the Oz Branch of the family.  What photogenic children!

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