Friday, 13 June 2014

Anne of the Cape

Another interesting conversation with Anne of the Cape.  She was asking some very pertinent Bible questions and I am trying to work out the best way to answer.   Bea headed east this morning on further family visits. We had a lovely week together.   We fed her a lot of soup, but she must have enjoyed it as she has now ordered a Soupmaker of her own - a Morphy Richards.   I made leek soup yesterday.  Bea provided the strawberries for afterwards.

We are planning to swap soup recipes as we both learn to fly our new machines.

Captain Butterfly is at home.  Its a sunny butterfly day and he is at home!   He alighted on the computer next to me this morning and is perched there still. We lunched off the remains of the leek soup - well he did, I had some veggie fried rice, using up the last of the celery. And we nectared off the last honeydew melon.

There is a special meeting at the Kingdom Hall tonight.

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