Thursday, 19 June 2014

Soup Dragons

Did the tour of the local shops yesterday, holding on to the Captain's manly arm.  We had to search for a silver frame for a photo, trawled from the family archives, of the young us with one other person. In this case, "the young us" is not me and the Captain but me and my sisters. This is from a time before The Captain came into my life, and before our brother too.  We are talking ancient history here. Then we had to find a silver frame. Then wrapping paper, a card, and get a print of the old sepia photograph (Noah's Ark drying out in the background).

We did it, though my knees and ankles only just made it.

Then, as the Captain flew off on his mission to Arundel, the latest butterfly memberships flew in, so that took care of the rest of the my day.  Not many this month, for which I ought not to be grateful really.  But our membership is still going up. Not bad in a recession.

And Col is out posting the precious framed photo - all beautifully wrapped by himself - with a card.

Bea and I are now officially Soup Dragons, as we both have Soup Makers.

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