Sunday, 8 June 2014

Lilies in a Thunderstorm

We started Saturday morning with a violent thunderstorm. Both of us were up in the small hours, due to various aches and pains.  Bea slept through after her long days travelling yesterday.  We are not the House of Three Milks as yet - we haven't bought the soy milk necessary to make us so - but we are the House of Three Old Crocks.

Tom and Jackie came round for supper last night, Tom bringing not only wine but enormous lilies from his lovely garden.  We got out the large vase from its retirement home in the spare bedroom and the lilies now have pride of place in the lounge.

Owning to my state, I didn't cook, but Cooked.  We had a Cook's lasagne, various salads, with dressing, and garlic bread.  Afters were cheese, biscuits, strawberries and ice-cream.   It was a good evening, and we all laughed a lot, and lamented our fallen state.

Bea came with me to the Hall this morning.   It has been a beautiful sunny day - but I am very tired and my leg hurts.  Captain Butterfly was out late seeking nightjars (birds,  not pints in the pub, he assures me).

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