Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lunch Cancelled

Tom was taking us out for lunch yesterday but, with horrible timing, I had another arthritis flare up.  It started in the early hours and I was in agony for the next 24.  I really have to see if they couldn't give me something that might at least take the edge off the pain.  The painkillers I have don't even touch it.

It was an awful day.

Bea arrives tomorrow and I must get the house sorted a bit.  The Captain will do the bedroom and the vacuuming.  I have always had an ambition to have a proper spare bedroom, with bed all set up, everything arranged for guests, with only the bed to make. But have never achieved it yet.  Our spare room is full up with all our clutter.

I would love to have a big sort out but lack the energy for doing anything but the basics.  Tom and Jackie are coming over to join us for supper on Saturday and I was hoping to cook, but will have to Cooks instead.  I just don't trust myself to be able to do it.  These attacks come on so quickly, with no warning, and leave me exhausted.

The Channel is so lovely today - a jewel-like turquoise with small white frills everywhere.  I sat out on the balcony doing my studying for the meeting tonight.  The two witnesses - the beauty and glory of the creation, and the power of God's inspired word.  The congregations are just finishing Exodus, remembering how Jehovah's glory filled the tabernacle.

The Captain just rang to say he has seen and photographed a Swallowtail - locally!  And, more prosaically, I have just made a tray of marmalade muffins.

The next lot of butterfly paperwork has arrived... gloom gloom.  At least it isn't a fat envelope

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