Saturday, 28 June 2014

Back to the Field (sort of)

Ringed Plover chick, Charadrius hiaticula
Forced myself out this morning, and arrived at Sue's to find Ron there to scoop up those of us (myself) who did not know about the last minute change of venue.  I followed him to the right house. We had a nice service meeting and then set off - me to do a few more of my magazine route calls.

Got a lovely warm welcome from two of them, and a long chat!   A couple were not at home.  But I had one very sad call.  Chris has had a bad health year too, and is now seriously ill. She does not want me to call any more. Though she was very pleasant and has taken the latest magazines.  I will have to pray that she will come to know that a fortress is the God of ancient times, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

We all need to know that so much, and to know why we can trust those words with all our heart.

The Ringed Plover parents have done a wonderful job and their chicks are now fluffy (and probably sulky) adolescents.  In the face of all the dangers: gulls, dogs, foxes, us - they have almost got them to the leaving home stage.

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