Monday, 23 June 2014

The Balcony Geraniums

We sat out on the balcony with a bottle of wine Sunday night. First time this year I think.  A calm quiet summer evening, surrounded by our balcony geraniums, their vivid clashing colours subdued by evening.  We talked about the way the longest day had already been and gone and how are are heading into Autumn - and of how the years don't last as they used to when we were children. The summer holidays went on for ever then - that beautiful respite from the horrors of school.

Whose idea was it to jam children together in large peer groups?

I drove myself to the meeting and back while Himself was out treasure hunting.  Got a lovely surprise on coming back from the Kingdom Hall, as he had come back early.

We lunched off avocado salad, and dined off chicken curry, rice and a sort of veggie curry made in the soup machine.   Today - gulp - we may be choosing a new dentist.  Aaaaarrrrgghh.

What will happen to teeth once we are perfect again - and lasting forever as we were originally made to do? Will they simply keep re-growing and re-placing themselves?

I hope we are all there to find out.   The Congregation is teaching us ever more strongly to have the complete trust in Jehovah that the faithful Hebrews of old had, and to brace ourselves for what is coming.  And there was some excellent advice in Sunday's Watchtower article for all those feeling that the economic situation means they must leave their children and go and work abroad to earn them a better life.  If people will listen, it could save them from making some tragic mistakes.

Jehovah has perfect advice for them, as He has for everyone.   He also gives practical help right now.

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