Friday, 8 June 2012

That weasel word "adult"

In this Newspeak world in which we live - and thank you to George Orwell for giving us a vocabulary in which to describe it - the word "adult" has taken on a new meaning.  I keep having to delete files with "adult content" from my spam folder.   But what does that mean?  Files with sensible, mature thoughtful content, or some vile sniggering behind the bike shed?

The new meaning of "adult" suggests the latter, which is why I delete the files.  Its clever though, in its suggestion that it would be very childish and immature to object to obscenity.

The apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Ephesus: “Let fornication and uncleanness of every sort or greediness not even be mentioned among you, just as it befits holy people; neither shameful conduct nor foolish talking nor obscene jesting, things which are not becoming.” (Ephesians 5:3, 4) Clearly, obscene language, regardless of its intent, is offensive to God. It is bad. It is speech that injures.

Once again "the world" is doing all it can to persuade us away from "the strait and narrow road" that leads to life.

Its a wonderful stormy day today - rain in the morning - moody sunshine now - and waves on the Channel. Captain Butterfly is going stir crazy as this is not butterfly weather.   We shopped in the morning and he made another batch of chutney.

Circuit Overseer visit next week.

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