Saturday, 16 June 2012


I thought it was time for a poem.


 by me

Who makes fantasies
In clay
Jars, bells and chimes
Seems to have a knack
That I lack
All mine
Turn into ashtrays
Useful at least, I thought
(and I’m not joking)
when I bought
my five thousand wobbly ashtrays
I found that the Sheik
Had given up smoking.

Years ago, in the Land of Expat, I took up pottery. And made some sturdy things that we still use today.  But the first things I made on the wheel all shrank back into ashtrays - even if I was trying to make a Grecian urn.  And, yes, Captain Health had just given up smoking.

I am so glad he did though.

He has had a busy morning, collecting for SUSSAR outside the Supermarket - back for a quick salad lunch - and off again on butterfly business.  Its a sunny day here, with a strong wind.  I was out on the field service with Audrey. We were delivering invitations to the Brighton Convention - at the new Community Stadium on the 29th June to the 1st of July.

The theme this year is:  SAFEGUARD YOUR HEART  (Proverbs 4:23).  And the talk I am most looking forward to is based on that wonderful promise in Isaiah "The former things... will not come up into the heart" - Isaiah 65:17

This is what we pray for when we say The Lord's Prayer and ask for God's will to be done upon the earth.

One of the bricklaying brothers from the team working on our new Kingdom Hall is staying with us tonight. He will arrive this evening, and everything seems to be ready.


  1. Love the poem. Hope you'll be bringing out the Squirrel in Winter. I'm sure you could find a place for this one.

  2. Thanks! One of my earlier oeuvres... And, yes, if I do bring out Squirrel, I think this must be in.