Friday, 15 June 2012

Cakes and Poppies

Yellow horned Poppy
While Captain Beachcomber took some lovely photos on our beach, I was delivering the next batch of cakes for the brothers on the Hall build.  Carrot cake this time, plus some Waitrose cakes for a touch of luxury.  I had intended to do some overdue and very guilt making return visits on the way back, but just as I had got the cakes safely delivered, thank goodness, and set off, the heavens opened up and it was monsoon and I headed for home as fast as I safely could.  However, Col, on the beach, only a few streets away, got nothing but a few drops of rain.

Strange weather.

We have had two talks from our Circuit Overseer so far, and two more to come on Sunday. I haven't got to even one of the groups this week!  Tuesday, Audrey cancelled as it was rained off, and I decided I would use the morning to make... more cakes.  Wednesday I can't remember what happened.  Thursday morning Steve and I were with our Bible student. We were talking this week about what the Bible says about the hope for our dead loved ones.  He now wants to come to the Kingdom Hall for the meetings.

And this morning was devoted to doctors appointments.

However, Audrey and I do plan to be at the field service group tomorrow morning.

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