Sunday, 3 June 2012

Summer is a coming in

Its Summer. Where did the first bit of the year go to?  We had heavy rain last night, much needed.  Thankfully it waited until we - Captain B, Bea, Jackie and me - did a tour of Tom and Jill's garden.   We also saw Jackie's beautiful yellow roses.  Lovely evening as always. We had champagne. And Jill made us Coronation chicken and a chocolate mousse.

I practised my talk with Bea today, but when i got to the meeting found they had had to cancel this second school as things at the new build are too hectic at the moment and there aren't enough brothers to go round. One brother has to be there to supervise the school.

There has been a lot of Jubilee-ing on the Beeb today - the Queen travelling down the Thames on a barge, street parties galore, and the lady in Sainsburys wearing Union Jack deeley boppers.  I am staying out of it all.  It seems to me like an attempt to put meaning back into things, which doesn't really work. For the moment, the creation has been "subject to futility".  But, once the Kingdom of God is ruling over us, everything will blaze with meaning once again.

Who ate all the pies?   Us.  We had our last Abel and Cole Chicken pie for dinner - their pie cook has retired or stopped cooking for whatever reason.  Sad, as they were lovely pies.

Its the Final of The Apprentice on later tonight.  And Bea leaves tomorrow afternoon.

As for the news in general, it is so chilling I can't look at more than the headlines.  The worldwide "increasing of lawlessness" is, well, increasing.  As the Inspired Scriptures warn us it will.  They have never been wrong yet, and never will be.

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