Monday, 18 June 2012

Farewell then Jacaranda Tree

My marmalade pot, the Jacaranda Tree of our childhood plays, got broken today. So I want to say goodbye to it.  It has lived a long and useful life.  I bought it for sixpence at a school jumble sale when I was a little girl.  It featured in the plays we used to put on with our china animals when we were children.

It played a jacaranda tree, and my hero Prince Belgy (a china dog daddy bought back from Belgium) would rest beside it, but it would lift its lid and pop him inside, and kidnap him.  Sometimes I think it was a goodie, and hid him from whoever the villain was.

It was part of our kitchen when we were young marrieds and it flew out to Saudi Arabia with us.  It then became the pot for the Sheik's home-made date chutney. Freshly picked date chutney.

It flew back and joined us in retirement, and was the chutney pot here. The Sheik, or Captain B as he now is, still makes his chutney but without the freshly picked dates.  Then suddenly it came to grief in the kitchen this evening.  If Captain B can reconstruct enough of it, there will be a Farewell photo with this blog.

Paul, a young brother who is a bricklayer, stayed with us on Saturday night - as did The Roger.  We didn't even know he was in England!  Anyway, he came too, we all had a lovely evening, and Roger slept in the lounge.

A busy day today cakemaking and getting all the sheets and towels washed and ironed in case any more brothers from the Build teams need a bed for the night.

Oh and I did finally see a real jacaranda tree when visiting the Oz  branch of the family in Summer.  The Northern beaches were ablaze with blue blossom.

If and when the photo appears you will see that my sixpenny pot was a very good actor indeed, as there was nothing blue about it.


  1. Oh no! Not the Jacaranda tree. I remember it well. The end of an era.

  2. The end of an era - as you say. I suppose its amazing the little pot and its lid survived all its travels. Its in pieces on the kitchen table and Captain Handyman might glue it together for old times sake.