Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Old Playgrounds

The paper version of "Old Playgrounds" arrived last week.  It looks good with Col's lovely photo of Derbyshire on the front.  The Derbyshire moorlands were our old playgrounds - or one of them - although none of us have written about that. Nor have any of us written about Nabbs, although only us sisters would remember it.  John would have been too young.  The wonderful Grannyworld of Nabbs was our childhood paradise.

I hope to post copies to Aunt Jo, to Janet the Poet, to Pauline (whose dog Scuttle I am walking in one of the poems) and to the Oz Branch of the family today.  They are all parcelled up and ready to go.

I hadn't been paying much attention to the Jubilee, but was caught by the Rolf Harris Jubilee painting programme last night - lots of different artists making a piece of Jubilee artwork, all now on show somewhere in London.  So many different artists with the one theme, and every piece different.  If they had had a million artists on the programme, every artwork would have been different too.  (And they would have needed a very large gallery to show them.)

The Creation is amazing.  And I am so grateful for it, to be alive, to be able to see it all.  But how wonderful will it be when Paradise is restored?

Went out on the work with Audrey yesterday - and managed to get her June magazine route started, and my May magazine route finished.  Apart from the elusive Dave, whose magazines for the two months I will have to post. Hope to do that today too.  And I plan to get back to my Bible study this week and brave those stairs.

Getting older... a flight of stairs looms ahead like the terrifying Bottleneck on K2...

Mind you, apparently the study has been getting on fine without me, so I must let some of the other sisters go instead of me at regular intervals. I am not the best teacher in the world, nor do I have the best personality.  So thanks to Jehovah, the God of Abraham, the true God, I can even find a tiny silver lining to my arthritis.

My student has got a better and more varied witness because of it.

Nevertheless I very much look forward to the time we are promised when, right here on the earth, "No resident will say 'I am sick'".

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