Thursday, 21 June 2012

More privacy for butterflies (courtesy of the Olympics)

The Torch and its Runner keep turning up on the News, so the start of the Olympics is getting closer.  I do quite enjoy watching the Athletics with Captain Butterfly - though I have to be very careful not to move across the tv screen (on my way to the kitchen for another cup of tea) just as the 100mm race is on. Its that one that is over in half a second and is always won by someone called Usain Bolt.  One ill-timed tea trip can block the whole thing from the Captain's eyes.  Or a blink at the wrong moment.

The local butterflies will be able to get on with their courting unphotographed for the duration.   Relief is on the way chaps.  I would simply hate a butterfly with its camera to turn up when... anyway, I am not going to go there.

The bricklaying brother is back with us for the next two or three nights as he has kindly donated more of his time to the Hall.

Yesterday was quite busy. A long overdue trip to Malcolm for my hair.  Its only this week that i would have been able to get into and out of the chairs there without a crane on standby.  I don't seem to have any hair left now, but at least what there is is looking neat for the Convention in Brighton next week.

I like long hair - its something to hide behind. But its not acceptable once you get into your sixties.  Not to other ladies anyway.

Also there was shopping - return visits - nobody at home - cake baking  - and the Meeting.

Today I must deliver said cake.  Sadly, we have had to cancel our study. The brother who conducts it is ill with a serious chest infection and everyone is so busy down at the new Hall or the Field Kitchen that I can't find anyone else to go with me.  As  the Bible student is male, I can't take it on my own.  So I rang to cancel and we will hope to start again next week

Its a damp grey morning, but the Channel is calm..

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