Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Adventures of a Chocolate Teapot

I hope I have been of slightly more use than a chocolate teapot this week - but its touch and go.  Maggie and I managed  50 minutes on the doors this morning - clinging on to each other for dear life.  But we had a lovely morning - lots of conversations, we placed lots of invitations (to the Brighton Convention), and only met one nasty person.  And the young brother in charge of the maps is very kind and thoughtful and put four of us crumblies into a gentle bit of territory and then called by to see how we were getting on.

The lift in our flats is seriously broken at the moment and its not helping my knees.  After Captain Butterfly roared off on his powerful wings, packed lunch in tow, I tackled the stairs.  Then, having reached base camp safely enough, I set off and was found some time later wandering round our little seaside town.  A brother and sister driving by effected a rescue and delivered me safely to the house we were meeting for the Field Service. I had been heading in the wrong direction. Everything is at sixes and sevens at the moment as we are without our Hall and so many of us are working on the site or at the village.

But not me - on a building site I would be about as much use as...

Thursday and Friday I had my Butterfly Bureaucrat hat on and got the second batch of newly-hatched members all entered up, and filed, and despatched their membership packages to them.  Plus I made more cake and delivered it.  No more needed now till after the Brighton Convention.

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