Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Cakeathon begins

The great cake bake started yesterday.  And apparently the freezers are groaning under the weight of cakes already. But at times there will be up to a hundred brothers on the site, all taking two tea breaks a day, all needing cake. So we must keep baking.  I made marmalade muffins and a carrot cake yesterday - and contributed a load of Mr.Kiplings (which, sadly, probably taste better) and have scheduled myself to make another carrot cake today.

I wish I was a better baker than I am.  My mother was a wonderful cake and pastry cook.  I still haven't come across a better lemon meringue pie than the one she used to make.

Jacks popped in yesterday to bring Col the new thingummy he needed from the Home Brew shop - and I gave her her signed copy of "Old Playgrounds".

It poured with rain all day - apparently a months rain fell in a day. The sea front was flooded - may still be. We made the TV News.  Its been drizzling this morning, on and off.  Captain Butterfly is going stir crazy - no butterfly outings.  He has kindly promised to take me out to do a few return calls this morning as I am nervous of driving on flooded roads.   There was no rain to speak of in Expatland.

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