Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bea's Painting

This is the  beautiful silk painting that Bea gave us.  It makes me want to re-decorate the whole flat in its glowing colours.

We went to see my Bible student for the first time in weeks - well, first time in weeks for me, his study is being conducted regularly by various brothers and sisters.   He says he finds Thursday mornings a really happy time, which is as it should be as Jehovah is the happy God, and part of the fruitage of his spirit is joy.

I can remember feeling like that when I was doing my study with Wilhellmina and Ruby all those years ago.

We hope he will be coming to our new Kingdom Hall when it opens.

Captain Hospitality has just very kindly agreed that we will put up sundry brothers who need a bed for the night while the Society's building teams are here.  It is all beautifully ordered - or course - so that all they need is a bed. Three hot meals and tea and cakes are provided on site and at the field kitchen.  I am down as a cake making volunteer but haven't yet been called on.

Very rainy at the South Coast today. After lunch we have trip to Tesco's, the post office, and the library.

The heady excitement of it all!

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  1. Wonderful silk painting, but surely no point in even thinking about redecorating. There can't be any wall space still showing!