Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Waiting for Roger

Hall cleaning done - me and Ronaldo, plus the wonderful Captain Butterfly who fluttered in just as we were starting.  Took Ronald back home and we dropped the keys off at Mick and June's en route.  Roger rang at lunchtime saying he would be here this evening.  Everything is now done and ready - and there is a large fish pie in the fridge for tomorrow.  We will have cheese and biscuits tonight.

I hope the Kingdom Hall is OK - neither Ronald or I had ever cleaned it unsupervised before.  It took us an age to find the vacuum for a start.

The Captain was out hunting the wild Hairstreak - some seen, none photographed - they wouldn't come down from their tree tops.  However he and Neil did see a Vapourer moth!

Could it be our Vic?

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