Friday, 6 August 2010

Cissbury Ring

Shopped in the morning - Tesco's with Captain B - and we went to Cissbury Ring this afternoon.  It was overcast and drizzly - not nearly enough rain for what we need - butterflies about - plus the beautiful downland wild flowers - saw harebells for the first time in years - a flower I remember from my childhood - how long the summers were then - made the curry for tomorrow - lamb dopiaza - plan to make a veggie curry to go with it, plus the small small things - chutneys, mint yoghurt, chopped bananas, etc - tomorrow - after going out in the doors - hand bad today though - arthritis - hope will be able to drive tomorrow - finally posted my letters to the New York Times journalist and editor.  Will they reply?

Just remembered - nothing in for pudding!    Will have to rack brains (both braincells) and shop tomorrow after the field service.

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