Monday, 23 August 2010

The sea, the sea - and Siwe

The Channel is wonderful - pearly gray with white frills until the horizon where there is a line of pale turquoise - the sun is shining but I think the storm is returning as everything is blowing and waving about - the little train has just gone along the front - like a clockwork toy train.
Heard from Bob Lamming today (via email) and Siwe rang!  She plans to come down on Thursday and will ring and let us know what time her train arrives so we can pick her up at the Station.  She will stay the night and come with me to the Kingdom Hall on Thursday evening.  So I do hope she makes it. 
Captain B has been out chasing the Brown Hairstreak herds and has captured some lovely images of them which should turn up on his blog today.
I have been doing housework - washing all the sheets and duvet covers from the last visitors, ironing, making a mushroom soup for tonight, studying - and couch potatoeing in front of Come Dine With Me, which was a bit depressing as one of the ladies was so rude and unpleasant.
I have a book in mind to write.  It will be called: "Couch Potatoeing Up Everest" - and it could be a best seller IF I can find the team of super strong guys to push the couch all the way to the top - and keep me supplied with nice hot cups of tea and old episodes of Come Dine with Me while doing so.

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