Sunday, 1 August 2010

An ordinary weekend

The Channel is splendid this afternoon - telling us of its Grand Creator.  Its sunny again, after some much needed rain.   A lovely meeting at the Kingdom Hall this morning - the public speaker reminded us of how much Jehovah, the true God, cares for each one of us.   I felt so happy being there, even though I was tired after my latest arthritis attack.  I wasn't able to go out or do anything yesterday - just lay on the couch, keeping my ankle up, sleepy with pain medication.   I read 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd' (Agatha Christie).  I could remember who did it - I suppose its one of her most startling solutions (a clue, it wasn't the butler) - but not how he/she did it, or why.
Captain B stayed at home with me and we watched the Athletics.
Came back from the Hall, via giving Joyce a lift to her friends for lunch, to find that Col had plates of salad all prepared for us.  Which was a lovely surprise.
I have done very little this afternoon beyond make the rhubarb from Maggie's garden into a crumble. 
Linda is coming over tomorrow.
Its seems as if the older i get, the happier i get.  I hope this is the same for everyone. And I started from a happy childhood too - I didn't like school, ever - but the rest was great.
But growing older does, or should, make us think about how short it all is.  And why.  Now i must look out a John Clare quote for August.  I think I forgot in July.

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