Friday, 20 August 2010


We have had a summer of visitors from our years in Expatland - some now retired like ourselves.  Some not.  Julia and Lorri still work there.  Lorri came over with Linda for a day.  I gave them a trio of pork products with salad for lunch and Lorri took us out for dinner at our Local, which was a great treat as we don't eat out a lot these days.  She is the same as ever, full of energy and never seems to look any older.
Roger has been staying for a couple of days.  He seems to be thriving in retirement, even though he had a horrendous time driving down here - due to roadworks and CONES.   I did make him his fish pie and he repaid me by having 3 helpings.  Us cooks can be sure someone has really liked it if they come back for thirds.  Jackie and Wayne and family came over for dinner last night, so we had 8 at table - the most we have entertained here apart from a couple of family get togethers.
Roger left after breakfast, the washing has been started and it feels very quiet.  I am planning a very quiet day, but El Capitano Butterfly will be off looking for the brown hairstreak if the weather holds up.  Its looking cloudy right now.
There is a definite touch of Autumn in the air.  I must start looking for my John Clare quote for September.
I love Autumn but it also makes me feel sad - but its a transcendent sort of sadness - a pleasant kind of melancholy - I am sure some poet somewhere has put it beautifully - maybe John Clare...?

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