Friday, 13 August 2010

Mike and Kim

Mike and Kim spent the day with us yesterday, which was very good of them as they were in the UK for less than a week. They look well, seem happy and got me thinking back to us as a young married couple.  They have so much ahead of them.  They took us out for a pub lunch, then we had coffee and pudding back here on the balcony looking out over a calm English Channel.
I often think back to the last night in Bahrain - after 25 years in the Middle East - with Mike and Kim at Senor Paco's, with a pitcher of Margaritas.
I had a troubled night, not able to sleep for worrying about the lung test this morning. I had assumed they would put me on a walking machine and I was worried that they might set it too fast and I would collapse after 2 minutes.  Or, even worse, they would set it on 'Elderly Tortoise' and I would still collapse after 2 minutes. 
However, it was done by the very nice lady who has done all my lung tests so far - and was a matter of being metered up and walking faster and faster up and down the hospital corridor.  So I needn't have got myself in such a state.
Its a special day for Field Service tomorrow, with 2 meetings at the Kingdom Hall. Will I get to both?  Or not? And then to Jill and Tom's in the evening.

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