Saturday, 28 August 2010

A feeling of Autumn in the air

The last few days of summer.  Its starting to feel like Autumn now, and there is that lovely Autumn light as I look out over the Channel this morning.  

Summers don't last the way they used to.      And they don't make mirrors the way they used to either. They gave me a much better reflection 25 years ago.

Siwe came down for lunch and left at teatime. She looked well and happy and it was lovely to see her - it brought back memories of some very happy times in Saudi Arabia - and she brought news of everyone too.  I spent my last full day in Saudi with Siwe and all my special friends.   We then had supper at Jackie's, but  in the small hours of this morning i was struck down with a painful arthritis attack, and my foot still hasn't recovered, so I am housebound today, or at least till the swelling goes down and I can walk properly again.

I must take a moment to research the John Clare quote for Autumn.

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