Sunday, 8 August 2010

Talking to Anne

Just talked to Anne in South Africa - she sounds so well and happy.  We are going to have an email discussion of Isaiah - a book full of some of the greatest poetry ever written - which it would be, given that it is inspired by the Creator of poetry Himself.   Clody and i had a chat via that little box thing that comes up on the screen, so I caught up with the news from Expatland.
Had a lovely time on the door to door work yesterday with Jean - we met a pretty young girl from Poland who is working over here for the summer to finance her time at Uni back home.  She was very friendly and accepted a 'What Does the Bible Really Teach?' from us.
It made me think of my faraway youth when I used to commute into London, work all day, come back and work all evening in a local restaurant.  It makes me almost cry with tiredness to think about doing something like that now.
Jacks came round for curry and we had a nice evening - lots of laughing about nothing very much.
And Captain Butterfly had his metal detector hat on today and has come back looking very sunburnt and with a silver coin and some buckles - and a moaning minnie!   I thought he was making an accusation when I came into the kitchen and he said 'Moaning Minnie', but he was just holding up this special bullet to show me.
At least that is his story...
Lovely meeting at the Hall this morning - the brother giving the public talk was both funny and upbuilding. And the view on the drive back!   The Channel was a pale blue - like a mirror - it was so still.  The sky was bright blue, with lots of fluffy white August clouds, and there was a long line of yachts perpendicular to the beach - sort of slanted across the sea.

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