Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Kraken Wakes!!

Vic has woken up!  I checked on him this morning and as I carefully and slowly lifted the lid of his box something flew at me.  I hastily put the lid back and rushed off to wake the Captain, who hurtled out of bed, ran to the box, cameras at the ready, opened it, and found nothing there beyond the apparently slumbering cocoon.

'False alarm - never mind, it was time to get up', he said with his profile of weary patience featuring strongly.

'No' I said 'I did see something flying. He IS awake.'

I couldn't understand how he had got out of the box which had only been opened for a second.  But as I looked round I saw Vic the fully formed Vapourer Moth panicking round our ceiling.

He has now settled and the Captain is up a stepladder photographing him.  So in time a photo should appear on this blog.  He ought to have a fine intellectual forehead and an air of competence given he managed to seize the almost impossibly tiny opportunity to get out of the box. 

How strange is must be for them to suddenly be flying - and all this space.  We probably ought not to give him a chance to get out of the flat till much later in the day.  If he has any designs on our carpets, he will at least be able to get a good feed in before he goes.

Or perhaps he has already done that in his caterpillar self?

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