Friday, 27 August 2010

Hello Shantha!

I just heard that Shantha is reading my blog and also enjoying Captain Butterfly's photos.

Shantha and I spent a lot of time together when I was in Expatland. She was often at our house as I was at hers.  And i hope I will see her here one day.

Shantha's was the last house we stopped off at, apart from Bob's, on our last day.   We said we would leave her our bedspread. It was quite new, we had bought it in Oz on one of our trips, but we knew we wouldn't need it here. So we left it in her garden (she was at work).

We were still giving away stuff right up to the last.  Earlier that day Juliano had bought some guys and a pick up and taken what was left of the furniture - we just kept some plastic garden chairs and a plastic table, although we really had no time to sit down.  And Mike (he and Kim drove us over the Causeway later) took the food from our fridge and kitchen cupboards.  

Its frightening how much you collect in 25 years.

Siwe is arriving today. She was supposed to come yesterday but couldn't make it.   We are all going to Jackie's tonight for a Chinese takeaway. 

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