Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend

A quiet weekend - a sunny day - lovely light - people out on the green, the playground and the beach.  Captain Metal Detector was out detectoring today, but discovered no Viking hoards.   I hobbled off to the meeting - foot very painful to stand on but I could drive OK thank goodness - have spent the rest of the day on the sofa trying to keep my feet up and reduce the swelling.  Captain MD helped himself to a cold chicken dinner when he came in and made us cups of tea.  So glad I got to the meeting though.  The speaker talked a lot about Bible prophecy - especially the amazing prophecy about the fall of the mighty city of Babylon - the Bible even names Cyrus as the one who would conquer it.  I am hoping for a quiet week - but one in which I can get out on the field service a bit more than usual.  Apparently the supermarkets were very busy on Friday - people stocking up as if the shops were closing for a week.  I forgot all about the Bank Holiday and failed to shop, but we have been living happily enough off the chicken I roasted, along with the pork chipolatas.

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